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All of our fishing boats are equipped with an experienced captain and state-of-the-art electronics - radar, VHF radio, satellite radio, heated cabin, marine head (bathroom) electric scotty downriggers, and top-of-the-line rods and reels.
Osprey - 26Ft
Powered with twin Mercury Verado 200 hp outboard motors. This boat can accommodate 4 anglers.
Almer - 30Ft
With its twin Honda 250 hp outboard motors, the Almer can accommodate up to 5 anglers on a fishing voyage.
ADA Custom - 32Ft
Custom-built walk-around deck powered with twin Honda 250 hp outboard motors. This boat can accommodate 6 anglers.
Cold water - 30Ft
Powered by twin Yamaha 225 hp accommodate 5 Anglers.
What to expect

About Sitka

Sitka, Alaska is the place where wilderness and culture collide. Surrounded by rainforest, we share our home with brown bears, bald eagles and all five species of Pacific salmon. In Sitka, we are deeply connected to the natural world around us. It informs our culture and inspires our art.

Sitka’s weather can be very unpredictable! Start with a short sleeve shirt, add a sweater or fleece and a light waterproof jacket. You can easily add or remove layers depending on weather changes or your activity. Comfortable, weather resistant walking shoes are a must year-round. Sitka is located in a temperate rain forest, and receives approximately 95 inches of precipitation annually. The climate is very mild and cool with average high temperatures ranging from 61F in July to 37.5F in December.

Visit Sitka, Alaska's official website
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What are the fish limits at A-Z Sportfishing Charters?

Fish limits are determined by the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the International Pacific Halibut Commission. Because Sitka is known for many types of fish including salmon, halibut, lingcod, and 20+ species of rockfish, anglers are able to continue fishing for other types once they reach their limit on another species.

Do I need an Alaska fishing license?

Fishing licenses are included in our all-inclusive charter packages but NOT for day trips.
Day Trips: The State of Alaska requires all anglers ages 16+ to carry a valid Alaska fishing license. In addition, if you plan to fish for King salmon, you will need a current King Salmon Stamp.

How do I get my catch home?

Generally, guests on the same boat will pool their catch. Our guides will advise on types of fish cuts, including steaks and fillets. Our processing crew will then trim your fish to order, vacuum-seal, flash-freeze, and pack your catch in a wet-lock box. Thanks to our on-site Alaska Airlines service, this box will then fly home with you as checked luggage.

Should I be concerned about seasickness?

Guests prone to seasickness are advised to consult with a doctor about preventative medications (such as the prescribed Scopolamine patch) prior to their trip. We carry only over-the-counter treatments on site.

What gear/clothing should I bring?

We provide you with all-weather gear including bibs, overalls, hooded jackets, and rubber boots to help keep you warm and dry on the water. On shore and in the lodge, dress is casual. We recommend wearing t-shirts that can be layered with a hooded sweatshirt or jacket, comfortable walking shoes (no leather soles as they get slippery), a hat and jeans. Our suggestion is to not overpack. Stick to no more than one carry-on and one checked bag as your return luggage will include fish boxes to transport your Alaskan catch!

Consider bringing the following items:
• Comfortable tennis shoes or hiking boots
• Thick and/or wool socks
• Warm hooded jacket
• Beanie/Stocking cap
• Breathable polypropylene undergarments
• Waterproof gloves
• Sunscreen, sunglasses and lip balm
• Warm layered clothing
• Fleece vest
• Long sleeve T-shirt or sweatshirt
• Seasick medication (if needed)
• Camera

Should I buy trip insurance?

Since our guests often make reservations a year in advance, we recommend having trip insurance to help cover any unexpected expenses if a situation arises that requires you to cancel your trip. Insurance can also help with expenses lost if unusual weather conditions interfere with travel to Sitka.

Will my family enjoy Alaska sport fishing?

If your family enjoys being outdoors, boating and/or wildlife watching, this sportfishing adventure could be the trip of a lifetime. Our guides, who are licensed with the U.S. Coast Guard, bait the hook, help reel your catch aboard, and provide step-by-step instruction on how to land your prized catch.

What is included in the sportfishing package price?

Our all-inclusive Alaskan fishing package includes:
• Transportation to and from the airport and fishing boats, as well as transportation around the town of Sitka.
• Fishing with an experienced U.S.C.G. licensed Captain and crew
• All quality fishing equipment, tackle and bait
• Full rain gear and boots
• Fishing license
• King salmon stamp
• Hot breakfasts, lunches and hearty evening meals featuring fresh seafood
• Clean and comfortable lodging accommodations with private baths
• Fish cleaning, vacuum packing, freezing and boxing of all your catch
• A seafood and desserts cookbook featuring Lodge favorites
• Wireless Internet
• Guest computers with Internet / Email access
• Free laundry facilities

Where is Sitka?

The town of Sitka is located in Southeast Alaska - which is a hotbed for beautiful salmon and halibut fishing. Sitka is easily accessible through both Alaska and Delta Airlines and is only a 3-hour flight from Seattle, Washington. See Sitka's official website for more information. See Sitka's official website for more information.

What else can I do besides fish while I’m there?

There are numerous hiking trails, small shops, visitor center, and tourist attractions such as the Sheldon Jackson Museum, National Parks, Sitka Sound Science Center, Fortress of the Bear, and the Raptor Center. You can also go kayaking or flightseeing. Other highlights include: the New Archangel Dancers, Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Native Dancers, Russian Bishops House, Sitka History Museum, St Michael’s Cathedral, Sitka Lutheran Church, and other Scenic areas and Wildlife viewing opportunities like at Whale Park. Please see About Sitka for more information.

What kind of temperatures can I expect in Sitka?

Temperatures in Sitka generally range from 48°F to 70°F during the Summer. The average temperature is about 52°F to 58°F. It's best to be prepared for both rain and sun. It is also important to note that weather onshore may not be the same as weather conditions on the water.

Are gratuities included in the package price?

Although tips are never expected they are appreciated. The industry average that we see is typically around $100 per person per day for Captains. Chef and fish processors are about $100 for a 3 day trip and cleaning staff about $75 for a 3 day trip. These amounts are approximate and again never expected. Thank you for considering taking care of these people as they work very hard to make your stay a great experience.

What will I be fishing for?

Fishing is an unpredictable sport - depending on open seasons and what fish are biting. We bring you out on the boats with the intent of fishing specifically for salmon and halibut; however, it is not uncommon to catch rockfish, lingcod, and black cod while you are out on the water. Learn more about these fish.

Do you provide alcohol?

A-Z Sportfishing Charters, LLC is not licensed to provide or serve alcohol. However, you are able to buy your own at the nearby liquor store (which can be accessed via our complimentary shuttle service). We can provide ice, bottle openers, corkscrews, and wine glasses if desired. Guests are also welcome to store alcohol in guestroom refrigerators and be provided beer coolers if you wish to take your beverages with you onto the water.

Payment/Deposit Policy

Starting October 2023 Deposit is  $1000.00 per person , Once you choose date will hold the date for 2 weeks to receive deposit. Once we receive the deposit we will lock the dates for you and send you the contracts. Contracts should be sent back on our end 2 weeks after you receive it.

Cancellation Policy

Because of the limited season, reservations are necessary to ensure you get the dates you want. Our policies go into effect at the time of booking. Written cancellations and changes must be received in our reservations office to be valid. Non-appearance for reservations will result in no credits toward future trips. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance.

All Deposits are 100% Nonrefundable.

If cancellation or change occurs, the Company may at its sole discretion offer a voucher for a percentage of the Reservation Fee paid by the Client to be used the following year by the same Client. Reservation Fees and rates are subject to change and any voucher or credit offered by the Company is not redeemable for cash or refund of any type.

Refund Policy

No refunds for unused services will be issued. Refunds for cancelled flights or any services reserved outside of the Company will not be made. The Company reserves the right to make changes to itineraries if regulations change, or for the safety of their clients. We are always aware of safety; however, outdoor activities in Alaska are not risk free. At times, trips in the ocean and other activities will be cancelled due to weather and several other conditions. We make every effort to ensure our client’s safety. However, we do not assume responsibility for injury to clients, personal belongings, or for time and expense incurred.  No credits will be issued for regulation changes from Alaska Fish and Game. and or NOAA or Government Agency.  The Company makes it know that Alaska Fish and Game, NOAA or Government Agency's, may at any time change regulations and the Company is not liable for these changes and no refunds will be issues due to changes.

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